Why No Flyover?

Why is building a flyover overshadowing the Basin Reserve such a bad idea? Here are just some of the reasons:

In truth, the main reason NZTA still wants to press ahead with a flyover is because they don’t want to admit they were wrong all along. In our view, that’s not a good enough reason to waste millions of dollars of public money.

If you don’t believe us, believe the Government-appointed Board of Inquiry!

In 2014, a Government-appointed Board of Inquiry into the proposed Basin Reserve flyover declined resource consent for the proposal.

The decision of the Board of Inquiry, which heard months of detailed evidence from both sides, was crystal clear.  Here are a few direct quotes from the Board’s Final Report and Decision, August 2014:

“… the quantum of transportation benefits is substantially less than originally claimed by the Transport Agency.”  [1317]

“… we do not consider the Project can be credited with being a long term solution.”   [504]

“… we have found that there would be significant adverse effects.”  [1182]

“… it is our view that it is impracticable to avoid this structure dominating this sensitive environment.”  [985]

Let’s get on with designing proper, sustainable transport solutions and drop the failed flyover plan once and for all.

1 thought on “Why No Flyover?”

  1. Cricket fans, admirers of city scape free of bridges, overpasses, and flyovers and other who want less noise, grime, and dead space in Wellington – please email Regional Councilors as soon a possible!

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