If you need information about the proposed Basin Reserve flyover, its implications, and the case against it, please check out this list of resources, which will grow over time.

Save the Basin Submission Guide (PDF) – how to submit to the Board of Inquiry, and some suggested points for your submission.

Save the Basin Flyover Presentation (August 2013) (PDF) – full of helpful material for your submission to the Board of Inquiry (Revised version uploaded 31/08/13)

Facts About The Proposed Flyover (PDF)

Basin Reserve Heritage Backgrounder (PDF)

Basin Flyover Design Backgrounder (PDF)

Health Issues Relevant to the Proposed Basin Reserve Flyover: Information for the Basin Reserve Schools, by Dr Marie O’Sullivan (PDF).
Note: 4000 students attend school in the area around the Basin Reserve. This backgrounder highlights issues of concern to schools near the Basin, but also provides useful information to anyone concerned about the health effects of a Basin Reserve flyover.

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