Community Gallery

We love the Basin Reserve precinct. We think it’s an iconic part of our city and we want it to stay that way. Our Community Gallery is a place to exhibit material, both old and new, that shows how important this area is (and has been) to Wellingtonians and other people from around the country and the world.

We want to know what you like about this part of our city too, so we’re inviting you to submit photos, videos, paintings, poetry and other such expressions that illustrate the value of the Basin Reserve precinct to our community.

Please send your material to and we’ll post it on this page of our website. Please include the name of the person that created the work, the date it was created, the title of the work, and a brief description of the piece. As this is a community initiative, we encourage you to assign Creative Commons to your work.

Love notes – why Wellingtonians love the Basin

Wellingtonians wrote the following statements to show their love for the Basin Reserve at Save the Basin’s “Love the Basin” event held on Valentine’s Day, 14 February, 2014. 

I love the Basin because…

“I had school sports here as a girl and played cricket and enjoyed attending marching girls and soccer.”

“It’s a green oasis when I ride my bicycle through town.”

“It is the best cricket ground in NZ.”

“It’s a city oasis and a breathing space.”

“It’s one of the most beautiful cricket grounds in the world and it deserves to stay that way.”

“It’s green and round and lovely to walk thru.”IMG_5204

“I like walking Wellington.”

“It’s part of our heritage.”

IMG_5207“It’s a peaceful green oasis.”

“It’s the ONLY venue for test cricket and must be preserved. Motorways will spoil it!”

“The Basin is a beautiful green space.”

“It’s a unique cricket ground. I hate the flyover because it’s a short-sighted solution and Wellington does not need it!”

IMG_5214My Dad loved cricket and the Basin.”

“It’s such a precious icon of Wellington.”


“It’s the best cricket ground on the planet!”


“Concrete monstrocities don’t mix with premier world cricket grounds!”

“The nature and quiet in middle of the city.”

“It’s historic value and it’s worth to the Wellington community.”

“It’s an historical feature of Wgtn. I don’t want the flyover.”

It’s a great venue for sports events. And having the flyover would totally suck.”


“It’s my one week away from Chch to enjoy cricket, sun, relaxing and views.”

“Green space. No traffic incursion.”

“It’s been a home for cricket since I was a baby…”

“The flyover is unnecessary expense.”

“It’s a great stroll from the harbour.”

“It’s the best cricket ground in the world.”

“I love the Basin, but cars make me sick !”

“On my trips to Wellington I always take the time to get down to the Basin to have a wander around or take photos of the ground from outside the gates. The Basin holds a special place to me since I love cricket.”

“I love the Basin Reserve, especially when they are playing cricket in it & I really don’t want an overpass ruining it.”

A local’s take on the proposed flyover by Johan, age 9.


I think the Basin Reserve Flyover shouldn’t be built. There are lots of hazards about it like if we have a war it could get bombed and be not just a war a revolution too. Also there are affects and price problems too like on roads in NZ a hundred or more people get killed or are critically injured. And with the flyover an extra two thousand or more people getting killed or critically injured. It will also be really low (only as high as a power pole) and homeless people will live under it.

Graffiti and street art will be messed over it. Pets will die. They also call it “The Road of Significance”. I call it “The Road of Political P Brains”. Wellington will need bigger hospitals. To build it you need $100000000 and that’s impossible. Oil and cars will be more expensive. In a flood it could give way and have to be another $100000000 to take the rubbish away. What’s more is I don’t want to [see it] when I go out the door. I always see a great big ugly bridge to nowhere…until I die. Eventually Ellice St will be a ghost street because people won’t be able to sleep. There could be lots more car crashes too AND Wellington turning into a ghost town.

A clip about the flyover

Wellington’s Basin Reserve has an international audience as the August pin-up in UK-based “Round-a-bouts of the World 2014 Calendar” 

world bouts new world boutsaug

Thank you to Kevin Beresford, President of UK Roundabout Appreciation Society for sharing these images with Save the Basin. You can purchase your own copy of the calendar, featuring the Basin Reserve as the August pin-up from

Alexander Steven winning a mile race at the Basin Reserve, between 1894 and 1897.

Alexander Steven winning mile race

 Care of: Alexander Turnbull Library PAColl-0010-1

Anzac Day at the Basin Reserve, 1930

Anzac Day 1930

Care of: Alexander Turnbull Library EP-0496-1/2-G

Marching at the Basin Reserve in 1935:

Marching girls 1935

Care of: Alexander Turnbull Library 1/2-C-016178-F

Summerset Music Festival at the Basin Reserve, 2009

Summerset 09

“We have the Basin Reserve” by William Tawhai Dawe (also available as a PDF).

We have the Basin Reserve

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